James Bakian – Featured Artist

James BakianJames Bakian has something special. He’s a 12 year old singer/songwriter from the UK that is making waves all the way from across the pond, and we noticed.

His song “You’re Gone” is one of his first at the age of 11, but he started writing at the age of 6. He says in the interview he didn’t do much after tinkering around at first…then after a few years break he decided to try it again and has been writing some amazing music ever since.

James is taking piano lessons and is learning how to write songs by “improvising”. His song “You’re Gone” was inspired to life after listening to a Drake song, he says. The thing that took me about James when I first saw him as a submission was his raw talent. I’m a piano teacher by day and I was taken by James’ playing and singing immediately.

James Bakian

It’s always remarkable to see such a youngster oozing with talent and as David Werba states in the Facebook Live interview with James, “I can’t wait to see this kid when he’s 20.” Agreed, I can’t either. Apparently he’s hit a writer’s surge┬ásince we did his interview. He’s written a rap song and another new piano/vocal tune called “By Your Side.” Do we hear a full length album in the works?!?! I hope so!

I would recommend that one thing that James needs to do is start playing out live. Not “touring” but gigging. Open mics, coffee shops, youth events and anywhere possible would be a good start on the local level to gain experience. I believe that if he starts performing now he will not have anything in his way. I’m not sure if he gets nervous or not, but stuff like that can really hinder a performance if not prepared for. I have a feeling touring is in the near future for this kid so start preparing now!

It was an honor to have James Bakian as our featured artist this week. Be on the lookout for him to show up in your digital musical catalogs soon! Thank you for reading and as always SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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