James Lee Baker – Cowtown Blues – Review

James Lee BakerJames Lee Baker has a clean sound. He’s not really country, he’s not really rock…he’s sort of an Americana mix of a classic American sound. In his new single “Cowtown Blues” he brings out the shuffle beat with a harmonica, acoustic guitar and his voice and it brings a smile to my face.

James Lee Baker – Cowtown Blues

One of the things that stands out to me about James Lee Baker right away is his vocal tone. It’s smooth, crisp and clear. In my opinion, some of the lyrics in “Cowtown Blues” are a bit wordy and sometimes the flow doesn’t seem like it fits, however, the tune is catchy! Also, I like this song because I can relate to the message of growing up in a “cowtown” and wanting to get out. I grew up in Indiana and found myself leaving as soon as I could to pursue a career in music.

The overall sound quality of the track is great. No complaints in that department! I particularly am enjoying the shuffle drum beat. Also, I’m happy that the song doesn’t sound like a typical blues tune but keeps it accessible to fans of singer/songwriter folk too. Listening to this single definitely does not turn me off from checking out more music by James and it should it encourage you to do so as well.

Just from this small sampling I believe that James has a strong future in the music business. In James’ bio there is a line in there about how he writes his music which I think not only makes his music more authentic to fans of this genre but will make you fall in love with his music even more:

The writing process for James Lee is where most of his effort goes into. Like method actors who consume their character wholly in order to deliver an exceptional performance, James Lee puts himself deep into the stories of his subjects to understand their passionate plights. From here, he can paint the subtle yet vivid that brings poetry out of the normal and allows the listener to connect on a more natural and personal level.”

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