JanetB – The Morpheus Protocol – Review

JanetBLooking to chill out to music that’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before? Look no further than Jersey City-based electronic producer/composer, JanetB. Trained in classical composition but influenced by Motown and Jazz, JanetB concocts an ambient blend of original atmospheric electronica. JanetB’s new five-song EP, The Morpheus Protocol, demonstrates how she uses electronic compositions to create natural imagery with humorous undertones.

JanetB – The Morpheus Protocol

The first song and title track of the EP creates the image of a growing, glowing bulb underneath the ground that gets brighter and bulgier as the song develops. A deep bass line pumps in, accented by astral synths and abrasive piano sentences, with everything finally collapsing into a languid chord pattern. JanetB uses an interesting mix of analog and electronic textures: not your typically structured music, but it holds your attention the entire time.

“Ad Gaudium,” the second track on the EP, begins with a smooth wash of dark synth textures like a pool of still water. As the chords begin to shift, an electronic flute ripples through the mix, graced by the sprinkles of an angelic piano melody. The piano often acts as the lead vocal in JanetB’s music, with meaningful sentences full of intention. A cannonball bass drops in about halfway through, bringing the intensity of sound to another level, but is quickly taken back to the pool of smooth waves and faint vocal chants underneath. Suddenly a rush of percussion wakes the listener up into an ocean of electronic wilderness, delivering an unexpected yet fulfilling climax.

One of the brighter and more danceable tunes on the EP, “Going Home,” paints an upbeat picture of twinkling strobe lights. This song is like cracking open a can of fruity fizz pop that’s been shaken, with funky bass lines and bright, vibraphone-like chimes creating a pop-y symphonic jigsaw. The party continues to build until the very end when everything fizzles out, somewhat suddenly, but with a proper cadence to signify.

“Smartypantz” is another dance track but with a more Latin-infused acoustic guitar groove. Humorous undertones and fun, easy-going vibes shine through in this song, with the jazz flute puffing along in rhythmic articulations and silly vocal lip trills in the background. The piano chimes in with another melody to counteract the flute, delivering a playful back and forth between parts. JanetB demonstrates a variety of musical genres and timbral influences in each of her songs.

The last song on the EP, “Artifice,” is a great example of the eclectic refinement JanetB infuses into her music. It leads the listener to another world with ghostly vocal whispers and a jazzy piano hook that resembles a retro video game motif. More vocal ska’s are peppered in, connecting contrasting sections together into one cohesive statement. A conversation of solos is exchanged between saxophone and piano, brought back from the chaos by the recognizable piano hook. “The Morpheus Protocol” is filled with sophisticated arrangements that keep the party going all the way up to the end, leaving you wanting an after party.

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