Jay Elle – Twelve On Sunday

Jay Elle

Jay Elle (not to be confused with R&B singer Jay Elle) is a New York City based male vocalist, songwriter, and guitar player. He writes original songs that fit in the singer-songwriter, pop, folk, and adult contemporary genres. Jay has a new single out called “Twelve On Sunday”. Most often, he plays a nylon string Ovation and has studied classical guitar, which gives me a fairly unique sound.

Jay’s single “Twelve On Sunday” is about a father worried about his daughter out there on the streets. Initially I thought just by listening that the song was about a girlfriend. I suppose it could be construed either way. Apparently though Jay wanted it to be the way it is as I read in an interview while researching him. He knows that lyrics should be written for the masses, but with this song he knew what he wanted it to be about. He wanted to convey a less written about emotion such as this; about a father and his daughter.

Jay Elle – New York Indie Music

First thing I noticed about the tune is the torment. Jay does an excellent job at portraying the emotions of the father. The chord changes used and the melody over top are extremely musical and one might even say unusual. After a few listens I got used to the unique chord changes and have grown to enjoy the song. However, this extreme musicality may leave some every day listeners behind.

Like I said before, he has studied classical guitar and it shows in his songwriting. His structure and progression of the song is not one traditional pop listeners will be used to. However, he lists his influences as Billy Joel, Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney, and Sting so he may be able to connect with more listeners than I think. I mean after all, his Soundcloud has over 1 million plays alone. Someone is listening.

I wish there were more songs out by Jay Elle to get a better feel for his music. Unfortunately I have only been able to find this one. It’s a great song and Jay Elle is an amazing singer and guitarist but it would be great if there were more. I mean, I’m all for “make ’em want more” but c’mon man! 😛

Jay is expected to be on tour over the summer in Europe so make sure to visit his website for more info! Thanks for reading and as always SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!


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