Jay Walker Black – Bashment Party – Review

Jay Walker BlackIt is well known that New York has no shortage of rap talent – old and new, alive and gone. Harlem brought us 2Pac. Queens brought us Run-D.M.C. Even Staten Island chimed in with the Wu-Tang Clan. But it seems like Brooklyn is the place that just keeps churning out rap Gods like Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls…and even Nas was born there. And Brooklyn is showing no sign of slowing down as it gives us another talented rapper with the name of Jay Walker Black.

Jay Walker Black – Bashment Party

His latest release, “5 for 5” (referring to the fact it has 5 tracks and it costs $5, a great marketing tactic that worked for Arbies, so why not hip-hop), contains 5 bangin’ tracks that you can check out on his Soundcloud page or cop your own on iTunes. Just like Johnny Walker Black, these tracks have a nice bite up front but go down extremely smooth. Jay’s style is heavily influenced by another New York great by the name of 50 Cent. He even quotes 50’s “Magic Stick” on his track “Bashment Party.”

“Bashment Party” uses a well produced beat by Switzerland’s own Oakleaf Beats. Its minimalist sound gives Jay Walker Black ample room to deliver his lyrical ideas. He has a lazy, almost southern flow that still remains rhythmically strong. I’m not sure why the track is called “Bashment Party” – a dance party categorized by it’s use of reggae music. I don’t hear any reggae influence in his music, but then again I’m and old man and don’t always understand these things. Overall, the song has solid production and a solid lyrical performance. He had me at “word to my mother.”

I still think rapper’s don’t say that enough anymore. At a $5 price tag, this is for sure an album worthy of being added to your collection. And even though he resides in Glendale, Arizona now, Brooklyn will always claim Jay Walker Black as another in a long lineage of inspiring hip-hop talent. It’s obvious he’s just getting started, and you can trust he ain’t done yet.

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