Jazlyn Gold – EP Review

Jazlyn GoldDetroit strikes again. There must be something in the water up there because Detroit is pumping out hip-hop talent like Flint should be pumping in water. Too soon? Jazlyn Gold is another Detroit native making noise in the hip-hop scene. You can tell music runs deep within her. This is not just a vain attempt at getting notoriety. This is about making real music that means something.

Jazlyn Gold

Gold started her musical journey as a trumpet player at age 9, but soon graduated to violin, drums and ultimately rap and r&b music. Her style consists of unpredictable flows, occasional melodic jaunts and strong rhythmic beats. The production of her music shows that she puts time into creating something musical but her real talent comes out in her lyrics. Her name says it all. She’s “Got gold bars like Fort Knox.” And whether the price of Gold is up or down this year, Jazlyn delivers clever lyrical play consistently.

“Paperboy” was her very first outing released in 2018 when she was only 22. The track contains a really pretty and haunting musical landscape that seems to match her delivery flawlessly. With the perfect combination of beat drops and rhythm emphasis, Jazlyn does a great job of landing her rhymes right in the pocket every time. Her lyrics seem to be written around the beat instead of the other way around, which makes the track congeal in a way that many rappers miss. She does a really great job of coming in and out of melodic delivery as well which keeps the listener engaged. A lot of rappers stick to a predictable monotone delivery, but Jazlyn mixes her flow up constantly and with ease.

On her latest single, “Hallelujah,” Jazlyn throws down over a minimalist’s dream beat. The track hits hard enough but doesn’t overpower the smooth vocals. Jazlyn delivers more of a laid back flow on this track, but her rhythmic delivery is spot on every time. She reminds me a little of Da Brat. But even more so, there is a really nice moment in the second verse where she opens up into a quick little sing-songy section and sounds a lot like Missy Elliot. Even though her influences come through loud and clear, Jazlyn’s music is unique to her. It’s both musical and lyrical, which is a hard combination for many rappers to nail down.

There is something here for any hip-hop fan. If you’re a beat fan, then you will be feeling Jazlyn’s well-produced hitters. If you are more of a lyric fan, Ms. Gold has everything you need and more. Now, still in her early 20’s, Jazlyn has a bright future ahead of her in the hip-hop game. She has hit the ground running with two solid singles and there is nowhere to go but up from here. She stays true to the game, reverent to the culture and represents everything Detroit has to offer. If she keeps this up, Gold is going to have a very good year.

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