Jeff Michaels – Featured Artist

Jeff Michaels - Featured ArtistJeff Michaels is an artist we’ve reviewed on the website before. In fact, 5 years to the day before we had Jeff as a featured artist, we posted a review for his tune “Townie Girl” on the brand new Indie Music Plus website. Jeff is a pianist/singer/songwriter from Boston, MA. Seems like we’ve had a few of those on lately! He stands out on his own though and is more comparable to one of his proudly admitted influences Ben Folds more than any other. Of course, he’s not exactly like Ben but hey, can’t have enough guys like that in the world, right?!?!

Jeff Michaels – Featured Artist

Jeff recently released the new song “Better When I’m Older” and he reached out and submitted to be a featured artist. Of course it was an instant YES! He’s been a musician and songwriter his entire career. He’s toured around and recently moved back to Boston and ended up getting together with an old guitarist/friend and came out with his latest project. Jeff’s music will definitely appeal to the listener that enjoys Ben Folds, but don’t pigeon-hole him. I hear Bob Dylan, The Beattles, etc…

Jeff admits that if you sing and play piano and wear glasses you’re going to be compared to Ben Folds, but he says in his latest project there is actually much less piano than usual. Jeff’s music transcends just piano rock too. He’s had placements in TV/Film over the years and he says one of his big goals is still to have one of his songs be the theme for a popular show that actually gets picked up and aired. Jeff said he struggled for many years, and a few years ago he ended up taking a step back from playing live and touring, had a kid, and now plays once a month at a hotel across the street from his apartment. I’m a huge fan of Jeff Michaels and have been for years. I hope he keeps making music regardless of how much he plays live. He’s a great musician and I encourage you to check it out!

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