Jeff Whitt – MuLti-DiMeNsiONaL DePth PeRcePtion

Jeff Whitt

Jeff Whitt is the founder of the album, MuLti-DiMeNsiONaL DePth PeRcePtion, which is spelled out with mixed caps in order to convey perception beyond perception. His website hints that each song is supposed to be a “dimension of learning”. He also infers that these are catch phrases used in society. I will be reviewing 3 of the Album’s Songs, “Wandering”, “Smooth Rings”, and “D.O.L. – Part 1- The Golden Ratio”.

“Wandering” – Love the chords at the intro and the melody of the singing at the onset. Yet it sounds like at least 2 unison tracks were attempted for the vocals and one of the tracks seems slightly out of tune throughout the whole song. It catches the feel of “wandering” though. I get a sense that the song is about dreams coming through in another dimension, but not in this one.

“Smooth Rings” – On this song I immediately felt that the bass guitar and drums, and the poetic talking on the verses, are competing against each other for attention. Vocals, drums, and bass are the only instruments present. The drummer is fantastic, but sometimes I felt what’s being played on drums is overpowering the bass and singing. In addition, the timing of bass rifts are a little off with the drums sometimes. It is hard to nail down whether the drummer needs to adapt to Jeff or Jeff to the drummer.

Jeff Whitt

The overall flow would be more succinct with pulled back drumming on the verses. Also, I strongly suggest using power chords on bass guitar for the chorus, instead of the in-between bass melodies. Will help align to the powerful drumming much better, and match the overall feel of that section. Perhaps a long talk with the drummer and coming up with a different syncopation altogether for both verse and chorus would be ideal? But a chorus with power chords used as the same or similar hook for the intro would help to grab more listeners to give them a sneak preview to the song’s best part. They will not lose potential fans who will make a decision about the song in the first 10 to 30 seconds. Jeff is a very talented bass player and this song showcases his skills.

“D.O.L. Part 1 The Golden Ratio” – It is discovered in this song that D.O.L. means, “Dreaming Out Loud”. He did a much better job than prior songs at organizing the percussion to match the different sections. Yet the tracks don’t seem mixed (balanced) with the vocals well.

Jeff Whitt is on the right track for getting his Multi-Demensional Depth Perception album’s message out there. My concern is that the album was rush recorded and that many of the songs were not practiced enough to nail exactly how he wants them to be perceived (no pun intended) by the public. I recommend an entire Album redo with a professional producer and a clearer website that helps to reveal the backstory and mission of his project without any confusion. New potential fans can then make a decisive decision whether to follow his career or not.


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