Jennifer Scott – Le temps de l’amour – Review

Jennifer Scott

Jennifer Scott is classy. Her music is just as good at the beach as it is at a quiet dinner party with friends. French jazz played by accomplished musicians is rarely a bad thing. I get excited when someone of Jennifer’s caliber submits her music to be reviewed on our site. Jennifer is just another example of the vast variety of indie music available on the market today.

As many of you know I only speak two languages, english and music.  Although I don’t personally speak the language present in Jennifer’s songs I do however speak the language of music very well. Jennifer’s music and band are not only classy but also accomplished and well rehearsed. Self defined as “French Latin Fusion” it’s worth the listen just to explore the genre!

In her earlier years Jennifer studied piano with acclaimed concert pianists Jeffrey Chappell and Brian Ganz and it shows. Accomplishing this level of musicianship hardly ever comes easy and without hard work. A licensed attorney and an owner of a music school based in Washington, DC, Jennifer is elated to present her new project, Le temps de l’amour and so is Indie Music Plus! If you enjoy vocal jazz with few distractions then you should pick up this album set for release in May 2016.

Jennifer Scott Review

When researching for the review I viewed some of Jennifer’s videos. She seemed a bit rigid live but also very elegant. I mean it’s not super easy to play piano and sing in french. The rigidness I saw could have simply been a well trained musician using her body to play her instrument while supporting her voice 😉. Her band is quite good and seem as though they can easily pull of the tunes while performing live.

Simply produced throughout, Le temps de l’amour will keep even the most casual of jazz listeners interested. The familiar classic “Corcovado” somehow wiggles its way into this elegant collection and Jennifer’s version is about as smooth as they come. Smooth yes, original…not as much. I’ll admit it, it’s tough sometimes to breath fresh life into a tune as old and over done as “Corcovado.” I commend Jennifer on the effort but feel as though she didn’t really accomplish anything new or exciting with this rendition. It’s not bad, just not grabbing my attention. However, I think it was smart of her to include a familiar tune in this collection.

Overall Jennifer has put together a strong project that she will gain fans from for years to come. I personally would have preferred a little more variety in the song choice by maybe adding some more upbeat tunes into the mix. It appears that what you hear on the record is what you’ll get live if you ever book her for a live show and that is very important! The fact that this project isn’t overly produced is actually a really good thing. The listener gets a clear, raw representation of what Jennifer Scott would sound like if she was sitting at the piano playing right in front of you.

Fans of the french language and jazz will genuinely appreciate the efforts of Jennifer Scott on her newest release Le temps de l’amour. We are excited to share this with you first! Please like, share and comment on the tracks below and let Jennifer Scott know what YOU think! Also check out here website HERE. As always, thank you and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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