Jeremy Rice – Featured Artist

Jeremy Rice - Featured ArtistJeremy Rice is this week’s featured artist. He’s a composer for music, TV, games, and hails from Quebec City, Canada. He’s also been writing some kick-ass music recently. So, we decided he deserved a featured artist slot! I love having artists from all over the world on our website/show and Jeremy is no exception! This guy rocks!

Jeremy Rice – Featured Artist

Jeremy’s “day job” is composing music for TV and various gaming projects, but in his spare time he is working on a new project as a solo artist and the first single is a song called “Arrianne.” This single grabbed my attention enough that I wanted to have him as a featured artist immediately. I am a sucker for Beatle-Esque styled pop-rock and that’s exactly what this is. Mr. Werba hears some Elvis Costello roots here as well and I tend to agree. Not only that but the video is really cool and unique.

Some of Jeremy’s influences are Super Tramp, Daft Punk and he generally gravitates towards progressive rock. To check out more about Jeremy and learn about him in-depth visit Jeremy has been in bands for many years but recently he decided to come out of hiding and become a solo artist in his own right. I think it’s working out nicely!

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