Jesse W. Johnson – Primal Scream – Single Review

Jesse W. Johnson

Jesse W. Johnson has out done himself with his new EP Primal Scream. Extremely raw indie rockers from the get go, I found myself interested and jamming to the title track and more…multiple times! Johnson explains the title track, “It’s about wanting so badly to get out there, and not finding a lot of reasons beyond the fact that I love it.”

Jesse W. Johnson is a singer/songwriter from Springfield, IL. He’s been taking his hooky-yet-dark rock and roll around the country alone and with Chicago band Jet W. Lee for 6 years now. His publicist says that he plays and tours out the majority of the year on his own. Now that is an accomplishment. I know a few people from Springfield, IL and I must say, that little corner of the mid-west has produced some amazing musicians/bands in the past, and now we can add Jesse W. Johnson and his band to that list.

Jesse W. Johnson

The track “Primal Scream” is bound to please the other indie rockers out there. I peeked at the rest of the album and the rest of the tunes don’t sound as raw as the title track. As a solo artist, Johnson builds off Jet W. Lee’s mixture of modern and classic rock while finding a more direct outlet for his songwriting. Jesse is an artist that is putting in the work and it shows.

“I love dark music and I love even more music that sounds upbeat but has a melancholy lyric,” Johnson says. “I’m mainly influenced by Emily Haines, Neil Young, Nick Cave, and David Bazan. With this EP, I think I’ve been able to mix these into something of my own, probably better than I ever have before.”

I am excited to see where Jesse W. Johnson’s career is headed. At this point it seems like the sky is the limit. Remember, this guy tours in 40 states so there is a good chance he will be in your area soon. Please take a listen to the single below and hit that share button!


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