Jezzy Micheals – Fireball – Review

Jezzy MichealsOriginally from Darwin, Australia and now based in Fort Worth, TX, Jezzy Micheals has a passion for hair metal glam-rock of the eighties and nineties. A talented songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and bassist, Micheals released their sophomore album, Fireball on June 9.

Jezzy Micheals – Fireball

One of the songs on the album, “Dime Store Hood,” features deep, bass heavy dugga-doo drums and overdrive guitar effects. Micheals uses a scratchy sing-speak delivery, which very much resembles lead singer of KISS crossed with an angry Tom Petty. A song that brings you head banging rock and roll, the lyrics paint a picture of men gambling in card games in the back of a smoky saloon in the wild west, with vibes of guns, switchblades, blazing fires, and whiskey. The bridge breathes a more spacious air of energy before exploding back into the chorus with cymbals crashing, while the backing vocals shine on the hook “dime store hood.” To cap off the wild energy of the song, Micheals ends with a very melismatically technical guitar solo.

The title track on the album, “Fireball” starts rights off with a bang and forward driving propulsion. Singing lyrics in the chorus, “She’s coming in hot like a wildfire she’s gonna burn me tonight,” Jezzy Micheals provides a thrusty head banger that people can thrash and sing along to. The term fireball is a metaphor for a smoking hot woman that walks through the door of a bar and makes all the men turn around and stare with guns slinging and boots a-blazing. A steam engine of low frequencies in the bass, drums, and guitar, “Fireball” is a pretty straightforward rock and roll tune that delves into a brief guitar solo toward the end before jumping back into the last chorus.

“The Time Has Come” begins with drums that kick-start the arrangement into a more swaying rock groove. Jezzy Micheals’ bass technique shines out in this song, thumping all around in a sporadic yet tasteful manner, while demonstrating more of a sung vocal delivery than the other tracks. The lyrics, “The time has come for us to say goodbye, I will not cry, we’ll meet again another time and place so far away, the journey’s only just begun,” are about having mourned the loss of someone in the past, but expressing the feeling of now moving on and not feeling sad about it anymore. Although still accompanied by heavy rock drums and overdrive guitar, this song is slower and more ballad-like than the other, more hard hitting tunes on the album, painting the picture of looking upward toward the sky as each memory fades away into the breath of the future.

Jezzy Micheals makes music that reflects the fiery heat of Texas and the wild west wilderness of Australia. Together the sounds combine into a hair-heavy saloon rock powerhouse.

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