Jodi Valentin – Featured Artist

Jodi ValentinJodi Valentin is an artist we came across that certainly got our attention. She’s a high school music teacher based in Philadelphia, and has recently been releasing some new music. Her new single “Too Soon”, or her “song baby” as she calls it, is the song we checked out on Indie Music LIVE! She says her music is pop country even though her mother would cringe at the country part lol. Overall though, she says it’s the story part of country music she is connected to and ultimately comes out in her music.

Jodi Valentin – Featured Artist

I definitely hear the country influence, but her style is so much more than that of course. She has some swing in her melodies that could be construed as country-esque, but she also digs a lot which lends itself to the RnB side of things. So ultimately, to me, it’s the perfect recipe for a pop hit these days! She’s also not too hard on the eyes, so tweens will love her for sure.

In Jodi’s bio she lists her obvious influence of Taylor Swift, but David also hears Meghan Trainor as well..primarily for the doo-wop influence. David thinks Jodi’s blending style is very comparable. Jodi has had industry experience that few are able to attain. She worked for Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) and had the privilege of pouring his Pinot Grigio. Another huge influence in her life was Maggie Rogers at NYU who was an important figure in her development. They both went to the Clive Davis Institute and they would critique each other’s songwriting, etc.

All in all Jodi has an interesting beginning to her career, and even if she doesn’t become a huge star in the future (which is definitely a huge possibility) she will more than likely have a successful career in music and songwriting. I’m excited to see where she goes. Make sure to get in touch with her on social media and tell her Indie Music Plus sent you!

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