John Favicchia – Groove Drummer – Review

John Favicchia

John Favicchia is a pro drummer based out of New York. John is one of those drummers that everyone wants to work with, and in the course of a week John can be seen drumming at NYC Jazz Clubs, Rock Concert halls, International Drum Festivals, and some of the top Music Festivals around the world. John can be heard playing around town and touring with Cosmic Harvey and Celestial Mind. In addition John plays Jazz Fusion. On top of all of that, he also has his own band Dharma AllStars and an upcoming project called “Dharma 2.0”. John is not only an accomplished working musician, he’s also a clinician, author, and teacher.

John’s website is a great place to go if you want to find out more about him or anything else related to drumming really. Need drum lessons? Boom! Looking to put on a new drumming clinic? Boom! Need a method book for a student? Boom! If you’re a drummer John almost has everything you’ll need right at his site.

John Favicchia

Like I mentioned earlier, John also plays with some of the top names in the business including most notably Special EFX, Steve Khan, Eddie Money, Tony Levin, Chieli Minucci, Charlie Daniels & OH SO MANY MORE!

The tunes on John’s homepage that feature his drumming are absolutely amazing. Perfect in every way for the genre he is playing. Personally, this is one of my favorite styles of music. I’m a closet Dave Weckl junkie and John’s drumming is right up my alley. He plays perfectly in the groove on every tune on his homepage player.

I encourage you to go check out what will surely be some of your new favorite grooves on John’s website. Coincidence, The Gauntlet and Manjala are some serious stand out jazz/groove jams that will keep you interested and wanting more for sure. If you keep listening to Manjala all the way through it morphs naturally into some very satisfying vocal hooks as a little dessert for the patient listener.

Simply put, I’m in love with John Favicchia…in a musician kinda way. If you’re in the NYC area make sure to catch a gig. Need drum lessons? Hit him up! We support great musicians of all genres here at Indie Music Plus and we encourage you to do the same. SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!! Enjoy the interview with John and IMP partner David Werba below.


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