Johnny Hart and The Mess – Waking Up Next To You

Johnny Hart and The MessThe music of Johnny Hart and The Mess falls into the genre of “real.” It’s one of the few instances when I’ve heard a band for the first time & thought, “This is some genuinely honest stuff right here.” It came from a guy who just wanted to write some songs. There isn’t a whole lot of effort. There isn’t a lot of self-hype. There doesn’t seem to be much ego involved. It’s unfortunately a rarity these days when everyone seems to get wrapped up in the pristine, viral, auto-tuned, social media kind of world that we live in.

Johnny Hart and The Mess

As far as the performance & music itself goes, it’s just solid. I’m sure that they’ve heard the comparison several times but at the first vocal entrance, I did a double take to make sure that I wasn’t listening to a song featuring John Mayer. I also heard a lot of 90’s blues-rock tendencies. “Waking Up Next to You” was somehow nostalgic on first listen.

I did not grow up on Johnny Hart and the Mess, but less than one minute into this song I felt like I’d known it since childhood. I’ve never come across a band that caused instant nostalgia on first listen before. It’s kind of awesome. The performance itself sounds like a group of quality musicians who are just playing a simple song in one or two takes. I might be wrong but that’s just the impression that I get.

This song itself just gives me an honest good vibe. It’s got heart and the performance feels real which can be a challenge in today’s world of the digitally edited perfect take. Maybe it’s because the music seems to draw likenesses to Counting Crows & Blind Melon, but this just gives me a great first-listen experience. I like the organ & the lead guitar. I like that the production & recording draw no attention away from the simple subject matter. I also like the female harmonies with the male lead. (which remind me of Sheryl Crow on “American Girls”)

There’s just nice work all-around on this song. Thanks for the listen Johnny. I’m looking forward to hearing the next one.

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