Jonathan Vautour – Begin Over EP – Review

Jonathan Vautour reviewJonathan Vautour is one of our favorite singer-songwriters coming out of Alberta Canada. We’ve reviewed his music before HERE and he has a new EP out called Begin Over that is some of his best work ever. I’m excited to get another whack at telling people about the music of this talented young lad.

Jonathan Vautour – Begin Over

The EP starts off with the single “Monday” which I’ve reviewed before. You can see what I had to say about it in the link above. When it comes to the 4 new songs on the EP I get excited about Jon’s career. This guy has an amazing voice that was made for pop radio and he’s pretty good at the guitar too.

In Jon’s bio it goes: “Twas a lazy rainy day that Saturday afternoon, when one very bored 12 year old Jonathan Vautour first picked up his father’s guitar. Eventually a “few hours of time to kill” became a lifelong passion, followed closely by song-writing.” I’m here to say that it’s working and don’t stop.

Jonathan is certainly perfecting his craft. I’ve always had great hopes for this kid. His voice has grown so much over the past few years and his songwriting is blossoming as well. I’m hoping to hear a full length album from him soon. However, all we have now is From The Heart from 2014 and this new EP.

Raw emotions pour out of Jon on this round of songs. I really am very happy that he has introduced more rhythmic production techniques. Yes, drums are more present now than ever which is a plus, but he’s also diving into a deep wormhole of using production to enhance his songs. I’m very happy about this. Reverb and delay are more present in the soundscape, and adding drums and bass to some tunes add so much to his sound I can’t even describe it. You just have to listen.

“Everything’s About To Change” is an out of the gate radio hit. Jonathan’s music isn’t anything that’s breaking ground or “new” per se, but he’s getting better and better at his niche all the time. I hadn’t heard his first album mentioned earlier so I checked out some snippets…it’s seriously like night and day. I’m not downplaying his earlier stuff, it’s great in it’s own right, but my point is the growth. If Jonathan keeps his focus and works towards his goals as an artist, he will get there I have no doubts. This guy is a real natural.

“From The Dark” is more old skool style for Jonathan. It’s all acoustic and all Jonathan Vautour. I particularly like the production technique in the very beginning of the tune that makes it sound like it’s distorted. And then when the tune comes in it becomes clear. I like that. Another highlight of the tune is the chorus hook “From The Dark….Let me break the chains” is so perfect and ready for the right person that needs it to hear it – a real emotional core shaker.

“The Art Of Breathing” speaks of people that are struggling with life. This song will be relatable to the masses. In this tune, the most notable line is “I’m so tired of livin'” which is answered by Jon saying “Don’t Stop Breathin’.” This is a powerful song that anyone who is struggling needs to listen to. It’s real, very real.

Also included in the EP is a piano version of “Monday.” I’m not entirely sure that was necessary. I would have preferred a new fully produced tune but that’s just me, I’ll stop complaining lol. Please get in touch with Jonathan Vautour and let him know what you think of his new EP Begin Over now available everywhere online. As always thank you for reading and support INDIE MUSIC!

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