Jonathan Vautour – Featured Artist

Jonathan Vautour - Featured ArtistJonathan Vautour is a relatively new artist from Canada that just keeps writing music and getting better and better. That’s why we are making him a featured artist. We’ve reviewed his music before here and here and we’re starting to notice a trend here: He’s getting better with every release!

Jonathan Vautour – Featured Artist

Not only is Jon a great musician but he’s also a cool guy in the center with true humility around the edges. By day he’s a contractor building and repairing house stuff, and all the other time he’s budding musician Jonathan Vautour. We’ve been seeing this guy around the Indie Music Plus block for a while now and we love to see the growth and evolution of his sound. The best part is now that we’ve had him on our show, we are able to gauge his personality as well…a very well spoken young man!

Jon has a new single called “Everything’s About To Change.” Jon says this song is about feeling like you are in a good place with what you’re doing and “everything is about to pop and you’re going to get where you want to go.” He say’s it’s sort of a follow up to his single “Monday.”

One thing that I’m enjoying about Jon’s progression in his music is that he’s adding more and more production elements by including more drums and so forth to fill out his sound. I’m sure he’s great by himself live, but these sort of added elements really make or break the studio recording for fans and serious listeners. Let’s just say he’s in the middle of polishing his sound as we speak.

I’m curious to find out what YOU think about Jonathan Vautour’s music! Tweet me @JoeJoeKeys or get in touch with Jon on social media to let us know. As always thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres! We’re making history!

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