Jonathan Vautour – Monday – Single Review

Jonathan VautourJonathan Vautour is a singer/songwriter out of Canada. Jonathan’s style of music that he writes isn’t anything new, but he’s better than most. He has a new single out called “Monday” and I’d like to tell you a little bit about it.

If you’re into acoustic singer/songwriter poppy stuff like Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, then Jonathan should be in your bag of musical goodies. He has a strong voice and is good at the guitar but I feel like he’s missing something that will take him over the edge. What that is I am not quite sure yet, but it’s his to find. I listened to a few other songs to get a reference for his sound and in my opinion (from what I heard) “Monday” is his best both musically and sonically. I also checked out his Facebook page and it looks as though he’s going back into the studio in early 2017.

Jonathan Vautour – Monday

This song “Monday” is easy to listen to and I really have no complaints. Sometimes I hear Jon stretching his range vocally a bit. And, it’s not even a critique or complaint but rather a request: I’d love to hear a full band! Part of the catch of Jon’s music is the simplicity, I get it. But, I would love to hear some drums and bass behind him. Maybe someday.

Jon’s video of the new single is great. It’s well produced and I can hear the guitar as it should be, and Jon’s voice holds its own. Have I said that a full band would be great yet?:) I hear the strings and the organ, but I was waiting for a simple beat or something to kick in so I got a touch bored, but that’s my musical ear ruining things for me perhaps.

Jonathan is great at what he is doing and I’m sure he will appeal to a wide audience. Another thing I see is that he needs to set himself apart from that pack of male pop guitar playin’ singer/songwriters. That’s not an easy task, but watching some of his live videos around the web it seems as though Jonathan Vautour is here to stay and willing to put in the work.

Take a listen to Jonathan Vautour’s other music on the Spotify player below. Add him, follow him, share him! As always thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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