Joe Pagano – Time And Colors

Joe PaganoThe music of Joseph Pagano can be summed up in 3 words: Pop Rock Perfected.  End of article.

Just kidding! Joseph Pagano’s music is more than just warm and fuzzy. In fact, it’s the perfect blend of pop and rock I’ve heard in quite a while. The EP Time & Colors is music that almost anyone can enjoy. Apparently Joe has recently picked up his ax again after many years of being a software engineer.

In 2015 Joe’s debut EP Graveyard of Dream EP hit the Top 5 in radio play at the New Jersey college station WGLS and hit the Top 20 at stations in several markets, including Ft. Lauderdale, FL Galloway, NJ and Glassboro, NJ.

Since making the key decision to start fulfilling some long set aside musical dreams, Joseph Pagano has been an unstoppable force as an indie singer-songwriter, quickly following the critical raves and multiple market college and mainstream airplay success of his early 2015 debut EP Graveyard of Dreams with his new eclectic five track set Time and Colors.

As you hopefully listen to the Soundcloud player above you will notice the title track starts this project with a bit of a mellow groove, but very catchy. Joe has a talent for blending Springsteen rock and roll vibes with a present rock flavor. At first listen the production is good. In my opinion it could be remastered as the levels are a bit low overall. Mastering aside the instruments are all mixed well and everything fits into place. In “Time & Colors” Joe sets the mood for the EP with some slick guitar playing in the bridge, me likey.

Joe’s Springsteen roots show in “Life In A Bag.”  Good old fashion kick ass rock ‘n roll, as my dad says. “Life” is a great tune!! Going on a road trip anytime soon? I’m thinking this is the EP for you!

“16 Other Ways” continues the rock anthem theme and I don’t mind at all. One thing about this song tho, I could use a bridge somewhere…I found myself drifting a bit on this one. It’s a great hook and catchy however I think it just simply goes a tad too long. The breakdown after the guitar solo is nice but it didn’t last long enough for me to provide the “variety” I was looking for.

josephpagano_graveyardofdreams_cdbackcover (1)Now let’s just jump right into my favorite tune on the record! “Candles, Hope & Faith” is an amazing tune!! The piano intro grabbed me instantly. Variety is starting to pop through this pop rock album now. The mix of piano, guitar and mandolin(?) blend perfectly with the crisp clear vocal of Joseph Pagano. This is the best cut on the EP in my opinion! Great work!!

The last track on this Soundcloud set for Joseph Pagano’s new release “Time & Colors” is “Mamma Don’t Call Me Home(remix).” Joe just proves one last time that he can rock out with his…ax out…what did you think I was going to say?

I have enjoyed reviewing this project by Joseph Pagano and I hope you not only have enjoyed reading but enjoy listening. Indie music is taking over and with the wonders of the internet and social media we are all connected and can find good music in more places than just the top 40 radio stations that are shoved down our throats.

Please, take some time and support indie music by downloading Joseph Pagano’s new release “Time & Colors” today!!


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