JTizzle Has Some New Shizzle


JTizzle is defined by electronic smoothness that can be matched by no other. What is this “JTizzle” I speak of?  Keep reading and find out. Based in the heart of the Great Lakes region in the midwest JTizzle is an artist that know his direction.  When I listen to his “Muzic” I get an overwhelming sensation of calm and the feeling that everything is just going to be alllllright.

How would I describe the music of JTizzle? Well, I would highly recommend it if you’re having a chill out session. Just as equally groovy as it is trippy, the music is more of a journey rather than one pop song to the next…the music is more “Soundscape.” Imagine me saying the word “Soundscape” with huge echo and reverb on my voice. That’s it.

I especially like how the music is explained in the description on his Soundcloud page:

 J Tizzle has an eclectic and exotic musical style. This producer likes to think of it as Hip-Hop inspired World Fusion, but that does not cover it completely either. He is well versed in Trance/Ambient and even pulls in Classical elements and themes in his productions. Well worth a listening to, if you have not had the chance to experience something new.

Another cool thing about JTizzle is that he is active in social media with other musicians. If you want to connect and collaborate with him, by all means DM him at Twitter, Facebook, or Soundcloud.

His new project “Transition” is out and does not disappoint! We featured his song “Body Talk” on our last podcast and it was a hit! The music industry today is overrun with “producers” who claim to make “edm music.” About 80% of it is sloppily put together and made up of cheap canned beats and melodies that are a sure fire sign the track is made by an “amateur” who thinks he makes edm music.

JTizzle is a refreshing mix of tasteful grooves and electronic melodies that is welcome on my stereo and in my ears any day of the week.  His muzic has the flavors of edm but also of R&B, funk, Bass & Drum to name just a few. The production is professional and transitions fit the song and don’t sound like the songs are put together lightly.

If you like electronic smoothness then I highly recommend you check out my friend from Indiana. Let us know what you think about the muzic of JTizzle!

Now Streaming – “Transition”


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