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Julius AdamsJulius Adams is a singer/songwriter and keyboardist hailing from Peoria, Illinois. I’m feeling the urge right now to use Julius as an example of how artists are chosen to be featured on our website. There are 4 different ways to submit music to Indie Music PLUS and you can See HERE. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that every submission is technically a featured artist submission. Meaning, we occasionally choose Featured Artists out of the free submissions as well. Of course, if you want to go to the top of the pile you can always pay the $7 to submit directly as a Featured Artist. With THIS OPTION you will be listened to first and guaranteed to be highlighted in our show Indie Music LIVE!, or the Indie Musician’s Roundtable.

Julius Adams – Your Love

Having said all of that though, the music of Julius Adams grabbed me immediately after seeing his submission and I made an instant decision to feature him after listening to only about 1 minute of his song “Your Love.” The Stevie Wonder influence in Julius’ music is undeniable but he also states he has a lot of rock ‘n roll, particularly soft rock influences.

The music of Julius Adams will hopefully not go unnoticed in the coming year. The musicality and songwriting strength that Julius possesses will definitely not be forgotten on my end. In his Indie Music LIVE! interview, Julius also mentioned being influence by Earth Wind & Fire. The horns in his music are one of the main reasons I love his music. He uses a lot of counterpart horn lines that add so much value in the groove and in turn his music.

Julius also gives credit to his sister regarding his influences. Earth Wind & Fire, Phil Collins, Stevie, and Chaka Khan all can be heard in the music of Julius Adams. I encourage you to watch the interview above and get a feel for the amazing personality AND MUSIC of Julius Adams. As always thank you for reading, watching, listening to and SUPPORTING INDIE MUSIC!

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