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Kamal MusicGet used to Kamal music because it’s about to become a part of your life. He’s just released a new album called Love, Happiness & Soul and if you’re into Maxwell, Michael Jackson, etc…then listen up.

Based out of Atlanta, GA, Kamal is working hard and making some big moves. Influenced by Brian McKnight, Babyface and Marvin Gaye he says in the interview on Indie Music Live!, “I want to bring the show back into the show.” He’s getting ready to perform at an album release party with his band and then embark on a national promotional tour.

Anytime Is Kamal Music Time

I must say Kamal was a pleasure to talk to in the interview, he is meant to do this. Charismatic, positive and a genuinely nice guy with an infectious laugh, I hope Kamal blows up HUGE. We played his song “Dancin'” on Indie Music LIVE! and Kamal actually was dancin’ behind our graphic as the song was playing. To me, that showed his passion for music.

Kamal not only makes great music focused on the sexier side of life, but he also wants to bring back the romance and courtship into the R&B world. He is all about respecting women when it comes to his music. His voice is also going to make a lot of women happy if he hits it big. His style and persona is one hell of a start, and I don’t say or take that lightly. Kamal’s energy and positive character is what we need more of in the music world…and more of in this world period!

It takes a great producer to make an artist shine, but it also flows the other way. A producer makes better music when he/she has a talented musician(s) to work with. I noted Kamal’s humility while talking with him on our show. That will take him a long way even after his voice boosts him to stardom. In writing this feature I kept trying to list my favorite songs on the record. I concluded that it’s impossible because they’re all amazing.

On a final note for anyone struggling with the side effects of Santaclaustrophobia over the holidays, give Kamal a listen below and you will feel better. Thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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