Kay Soul – Blood In My Veins – Review

Kay Soul - Blood In My VeinsAn R&B singer, songwriter, poet, and plus size fashion model, Kay Soul has forged her own colorful brand of body positivity and self-empowerment in the music and fashion industries since starting off in 2012. Based in Chicago, Kay has been releasing music for years. She’s been a favorite here on Indie Music Plus and has even been a featured artist in the past. Her latest single, “Blood In My Veins,” shows that Kay Soul is an unwavering source of beauty, no matter what life throws her way.

Kay Soul – Blood In My Veins

“Blood In My Veins” starts off with a spacey yet tight drum pop that drops immediately into a cavernous yet sparsely arranged R&B beat. The tight, crisp electronic drums, expansive keyboard timbres, and overdrive guitar accompany Kay’s voice while she whispers fiercely and then begins to bellow out further as the song grows in intensity. There’s a gospel-like undercurrent that urges into the mix between the pulsing, horizon deepening backing vocals and the palpable energy resonated by Kay’s delivery. With lyrics about perseverance using the sun and rain as a metaphor for the good and bad times in life, Kay addresses hurtful memories from her childhood and how she’s overcome those challenges. Belting her heart out until the last dying breath of the lyrics, Kay unravels her life story until the song dissolves into the void with faint echoes of overdrive guitar.

There’s a captivating vibration throughout “Blood In My Veins” that keeps you locked in from start to finish, an overflowing river of emotion and suffering transformed into a positive message: “I can survive anything and so can you.” Kay Soul has a massive presence and volume, and she’s a savior for those who have ever doubted themselves or who are going through any kind of struggle in life. You can tell through Kay’s words and delivery that she’s been through more than the average person in her life so far, and this song is a breathing reflection of her beauty, courage, and tenacity. Kay Soul’s music will lift you up and take you on a journey of self-acceptance and unapologetic survival of the soul. If you haven’t dove into the works of Kay Soul there are plenty to check out!

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