Kay Soul – Featured Artist

Kay SoulKay Soul is a Neo-Soul artist from Chicago, Il, and this week’s featured artist. Kay Soul is much more than just music, she’s building her own brand. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kay on our last featured artist interview on Blab.im. Please excuse the technical difficulties as our hangout place “Blab” literally shut down their website the next day.

It’s Time To Fly For Kay Soul

If you had the guts and could follow your dreams in life would you? That’s exactly what Kay has been doing for the past 4-5 years although she didn’t just start then. Kay has been a songwriter/musician her entire life and songwriting is nothing new to her. She has even been signed with a label in the past.

Kay knows that some goals in life are long term and take hard work to get there. As she states in the interview she’s just trying to get some momentum behind her latest single “Time To Fly” and with some hard work and some luck it will be exciting to see where it takes her from there.

Artists these days tend to look at the small picture…the video…the single. Kay Soul seems to have her vision in motion and it’s more than a video or a single, it’s her brand. Along with being a poet, songwriter and musician Kay Soul is also a model and actress.┬áKay Soul is the essence of what any indie artist should strive for. Vision, hard work, humility and most importantly AMAZING MUSIC!

She is sponsored as a brand ambassador by Rude Boy clothing and also recently landed some acting jobs as an extra. Again, being “just an extra” is not the mentality of Kay Soul. Her mentality is “I AM AN EXTRA so I’m looking forward to see where that takes me!” I just put words in her mouth there but you get my point. She’s always looking forward.

There is so much amazing R&B/Soul music coming from the Chicago area these days it’s hard to believe. We receive tons of submissions from Chi-Town alone and this week Kay Soul beats out the rest. We are excited and proud to have such a professional, kind and hardworking artist to feature as Kay Soul. Keep your eyes peeled for some new music as well a new video coming soon.

As always thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!


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