Kay Soul – #HIPS – Review

Kay Soul reviewKay Soul is a superhero. Based in Chicago, she plays the roles of mother, lawyer, model, executive producer, songwriter, singer and more. Kay is really grindin’ it in 2018 and has just released a new project entitled #HIPS (Hiding In Plain Sight).

Kay Soul – #HIPS

If you’ve been paying attention to our website and IMP livestreams, you may have heard of Kay Soul before. She is a Brand Ambassador for 2B custom jeans, a sponsored artist for Rude Boy clothing company, and she has modeled for the national plus size brand Avenue. She’s also been a panel guest on our livestreams for a while now going back to 2016. We love Kay Soul.

#HIPS isn’t Kay Soul’s first trip around the musical block. She has been working hard for a long time now and she deserves every bit of success she achieves. One of my favorite things about Kay as a person is her drive to succeed. The fruits of this drive are clearly displayed in her new album, have a listen…

A few highlights for me on this album are “Spiritual Warfare”, “Dear Self” and “As I Am”. I think that Kay Soul bares her soul on the entire album, but these 3 particular tracks really move me. Tony Treble does an amazing job with producing the music and finding Kay’s artistic center. To get an idea of what I’m talking about I encourage you to check out the listening party we had on Facebook to celebrate the release of the new album. David Werba and I hosted this event for Kay as a livestream for her new project and it was a blast!

We were able to talk with her and her producer-in-crime Tony Treble. The partnership these two share is magical and it shows! It’s not easy to find a producer/engineer that really “gets” you. Watch the video below and you’ll get a better idea of Kay Soul and what she is trying to accomplish. As always thank you for reading and supporting indie music!

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