Kendall Rucks – Featured Artist

Kendall Rucks

Kendall Rucks is a singer who is based in Los Angeles, CA, and has been recording music since she was 16. She has a band called The Zodiak Mafia. We recently had her as a featured artist on Indie Music LIVE! and we played her song “Skin the Sun”. She says she wrote this song a few years back but has held on to it because it’s “super meaningful” to her.

Kendall Rucks – Featured Artist

Kendall has a raw style hidden underneath elegant beauty similar to Fiona Apple and Lana Del Rey. Yea, she’s a looker for sure but she doesn’t ride on that when it comes to other artists that are “pretty.” If you just looked at her you may think she writes dance/pop music and maybe performs dance routines, but that’s not what you’re going to see or hear. Gritty rock with a band behind her. It’s totally sultry at its finest.

She says that bands like Nirvana had a huge impact on her. Currently, she says she’s been listening to The Cramps non-stop lately. When she wrote “Skin the Sun” it was a reference to the Nirvana song “Dumb”. She terms her style “dream-pop” but even she admits it’s hard to pinpoint or define her sound into one small box.

She’s been playing up and down the California coast, but this summer she’s hoping to start branching out up to Oregon and Washington and then also Arizona and the like. Kendall says that her and the band are “do or die” at this point. They’re rehearsing their asses off and she says they’re ready for this year. A few singles are lined up for later in 2020 so make sure you pay attention and keep up with her!

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