Krishen – Which Way – Single Review

KrishenKrishen is a 20-year old hip-hop artist from London, UK. If Macklemore and Drake had a British younger cousin, his name would be Krishen. He recently released his mixtape Figuring It Out and we’ll be reviewing a tune.

This style of melodic rap has been becoming very popular these days and Krishen’s song “Which Way” does a great job of cashing in on this style. His rhythmic delivery is very similar to that of Macklemore’s more heartfelt moments like “Neon Cathedral.” It’s a style that provides a lot of sentiment and emotion, which I think is something that a lot of people can relate to.

Krishen – Which Way

People need this in their music. It creates an atmosphere of introspection which transforms the song from just a Rap song to something bigger, something deeper. You can truly feel what Krishen is feeling. The lyrics are very open ended and they allow the listener to apply their own meaning to the song. I think a lot of people enjoy this. It enables the listener to reflect on their own life. I resonate with lyrical thoughts like “We all seem rushed, I can feel it. Try to hit the highway, avoid something scenic.” We can all relate to that sentiment and apply our own life experience to that. And the wonderful atmospheric production on the track supplies the perfect musical bed for these moments of thought.

The track also has some beautiful dynamic moments of crescendo, especially in the chorus with the use of overlapping vocals. I think Krishen has a real winner in “Which Way.” Some of the best hip-hop songs are the ones that make you think. Rap can have a heart. And Krishen wears his on his sleeve. So be sure to sit down, tune out all the noise of the world, and answer Krishen’s question “Will you be there on the other side when it’s over?”.

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