L.S.F. – United We Stand – Review

L.S.F.L.S.F. is a Chicago artist and musician that released his debut album Verbally Abusive in May 2016. Starting his career under the name ‘Lyrical Suspense’, he surprisingly released his second album United We Stand in April 2018 under his new identity after a strong social media response to his first album. Ok so we have the “L” and the “S,” but what does the “F” stand for you may be asking? Can you handle the suspense? See what I did there?

L.S.F. – United We Stand

Lyrical Suspense Forever makes up the stage name of L.S.F. and to be honest, I think he’s right. I don’t think this dude is going away any time soon. You can tell he has the hustle mentality down and works hard on his marketing. He has great graphics on all his social media, he seems to post regularly, and has his music up on all the major music selling sites. He has also built a really nice Facebook following. It looks like he is firing on all fronts.

The music is really good too! Great production. Banging beats with multiple textures, and the vocals are very clean. His songs sound a lot better than most independent artists you hear on SoundCloud. His vocal delivery is a mix between Eminem and Onyx. You remember those guys? Slam! Duh duh duh…Ok, he’s probably not quite as angry as Onyx, except maybe on his Al Gore inspired song “Climate Change” where there is a lot of screaming provided by Mike Quaratto of What Lies Ahead.

You can tell L.S.F. works on his rhymes. He’s not just spitting out random freestyle cliches but instead taking the time to craft each verse. You can tell he wants his music to say something which is a nice quality to find in a rapper these days. And although he does seem a little tongue tied here and there, he works hard at doing some really interesting things rhythmically, constantly changing it up to keep it from getting monotonous.

With solid beats, tight production, and hustling marketing tactics, L.S.F. might just have a shot of getting some attention. But in a culture that is over-saturated with a new rapper every day, he needs to keep pushing. If he could find a niche that sets him apart from the crowd, he could truly move some crowds. This is a dude to keep your eye on. I have a feeling he won’t leave us in suspense for very long.

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