LA Knights – Psycholanalyze – Single Review

LA Knights

LA Knights is a raunchy hard rock act hailing from Ohio. Self dubbing themselves “The Bad Boys Of Ohio,” these guys have a tight sound reminiscent of the rock heroes of the ’80s and ’90s. Their genre seems to be making a big comeback. Bands from that era are still going strong and there is definitely still an appetite for rock! On the flip side, bands of today are starting to adopt the image and stage practices of the hair band days. Things do run in cycles!

From the first downbeat on “Psychoanalyze” the music is heavy and raw. Motley Crue is the first influence that comes to mind when trying to think of a comparison. The guitars are distorted, the drums are big and loud, and the vocals mix in well.

Honesty time, at first this band didn’t appeal to me very much and seemed a bit dated. I’ve listened a few more times it’s growing on me. I give respect to LA Knights for doing their thing. It’s obvious they’re having a great time and playing music that they thoroughly enjoy and that will resonate with fans of their genre, BIG TIME!

If you’re into hot and sweaty whiskey drinkin’ rock ‘n roll, then this band is definitely a must for you to check into. Like I said the before, the guitars are large and in charge and really are what make the band for me. They’re “Phat” as the kids are saying these days. If I was in a bar and LA Knights happened to be playing, I would have to stop, drop, drink and rock out right in front! I love this genre of music and I think LA Knights are doing what they do WELL.

Who Are The Next Rock Heroes?

There is a growing hunger for bands like LA Knights, and it seems they are filling an important corner of the market. The band is a great example of the new indie music movement, and there are definitely music fans out there that will LOVE this band!

I couldn’t find a website, but hopefully that’s under development. Check out their VIDEO FOR “PSYCHOANALYZE” and please like, share and comment on their Soundcloud widget below and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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