Len Cava – Featured Artist

Len CavaLen Cava is a musician moonlighting as a teacher (or the other way around I guess lol) and has recently released a new project during the 2020 pandemic. We checked out the song “Can’t Repeat” which is about the pandemic and how people have to and are able to adjust…but are also waiting and wanting to be free again. The new project according to Len is generally about how we as a human race can adjust and thrive thru adversities. Len’s career has sort of been a series of breaks and inspirations in music, and we’re happy he has turned on again and are thrilled to have him as a featured artist.

Len Cava – Featured Artist

Generally speaking, Len’s music is sort of a power pop-rock sound. I think that he has a real talent for songwriting. I could easily hear his music on mainstream radio and listeners would eat it up. With his latest project he recorded it virtually as we’re all getting so used to doing, but the general listener would never know. In fact, most projects are recorded and sent at least SOMEWHERE digitally these days for either mixing or the final touches. Len played all the instruments except the drums. He used some drum programming which was then enhanced by his co-producer.

Len’s future of playing live is sort of in flux. He’s dealing with a shoulder injury which causes him to only be able to play for a few songs at a time before it gives out. He hopes to find musicians in the future that can play for him live, and in a post-pandemic world that is a big possibility. If you’re into the power pop-rock sound then I suggest you check out the music of Len Cava. It’s well written, well-produced, and easy to listen to and sing along with.

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