Like Lions – Album Review

Like LionsLike Lions has a lot going for it. The talent is there. The creativity is there. The execution is there. The vibe is there. This project has something that I consider to be extremely important. It has a uniqueness, which belongs only to this specific project. With a bit more risk-taking & recklessness, I foresee this project becoming something remarkable. At this point, it is a really nice easy listen, which will appeal to wide variety of listeners. However, I personally want to hear this project move in a riskier direction, but I can’t speak for the general public.

Like Lions – 2018 Singles

“Flashlights & Sirens” is a great intro to this project. The production, songwriting, lyrical content & vocal performance add up to song with a very bittersweet, melancholy anthem type of feel. I see this as a good closer for a live set. The first reference that came to my mind while listening to this one was new Coldplay mixed with old St. Vincent. The song itself is in the right place, but I feel that the production lacks the aggression that would really capture the listener. With a bit of a louder & more ambitious sound, I think that the lyrical content & vocal delivery would resonate a bit more with the listener. It is a nice song as it is now. I just think that this song is capable of more than “nice.” The same critique applies to “Gardener’s House” but I see more potential in “Flashlights & Sirens.”

“Back to the Hill” is a nicer, even easier listen. The arrangement is more organic & folk driven. The emphasis on acoustic instrumentation & the decrease in synth work give this song that Like Lions uniqueness which I mentioned earlier. I find it funny that the vibe is split right between Death Cab for Cutie & The Postal Service. It has the honesty of an acoustic singer-songwriter combined with the arrangement that would appeal to more of a mainstream, pop audience. However, I find that the production, specifically the drums should be addressed in future recordings. The drum sounds & mixing work in general make it sound a bit dated. It’s not on the level on present day radio pop, production-wise. It has a bit more of a 90’s electronic sound to it. This song in particular seems like it would benefit a lot from a solid live drummer & perhaps a more experienced producer/engineer.

With all those things in mind, this project has the potential to be something really noteworthy. Right now, it seems that Like Lions is still figuring itself out. I think that it’s moving in the right direction though. Like Lions is definitely worth a listen & I’d personally suggest starting with “Flashlights & Sirens.”

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