Lillimure – Featured Artist

LillimureLillimure is one of those standout artists. She submitted free on our website, and when I saw her video for her song “Something” I was hooked. It’s rare that I reach out to an artist immediately after hearing only one song and offer them a featured artist slot. This girl deserves it.

Lillimure – Featured Artist

When we had her on the show, she was in a practice room at NYU where she is currently taking classes. The way she plays her guitar, I’d say she practices regularly for sure. Her song “Something” is fairly simple, but what she does with it musically is certainly far from boring. She describes it as “folk-soul” with an undeniable jazz influence. She says her motivation for making music is her desire to have a song for every emotion in her life.

One of the things that we learn in her interview is that her music career sort of started due to a “tragic” gymnastics injury. Other than the fact that she was injured, I’m thankful she chose music. David says that her sound is similar to the Zen-like meandering of Jamiroquai, and she said she’s still been meaning to check them out lol. I hope she has checked them out by now…I think she’ll hear what we’re talking about! Either way, I hope she keeps going with her music career. It’s a hard road to choose and I hope she has a backup, but now is the time for her to GO FOR IT! Hopefully, she’s in the right time at the right place sometime in the near future.

She says she loves doing shows and is planning on doing this forever. If you want to get in touch with Lillimure check her out on Instagram. She says she’s all over social, but that’s the best place to find her and engage.

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