Limberlost – Setting Sun – Review

Limberlost - Setting SunLimberlost is a sextet from the Pacific Northwest. Based in Puyallup, WA, the band combines familiar classic rock elements into their own blend of sounds, and their newest song “Setting Sun” is no exception.

Limberlost – Setting Sun

Shimmery guitar and the strong female vocals of Krystle Pyette begin the song. The first line “Lonely teardrops falling in a lonely room” sets the mood from the very beginning. The rest of the band (drums, bass, and piano) enter as the first verse builds, ending with the line “Now I’m crying in the shadows of the house of the setting sun”, making it clear that the title is a reference to the famous folk song “House of the Rising Sun”. The song has a minor mood, clearly dealing with the pain and anguish of the protagonist. The chorus lyrics drive the mood home, with Pyette exclaiming: “Nobody sees the tears I cry / in my lonely, lonely room / Nobody knows the reason / I’m so frightened by the moon.”

In the second verse the dynamic comes down at first, leaving only vocals, drums, and empty space in between. The lyrics are quite appropriate for the moment, with Pyette singing “Thunder breaks the silence of a falling star” while most of the band falls silent. The musicians re-enter the fray as the vocals build in emotion, heading towards another chorus.

As Pyette belts out another chorus, with support from back-up singer Brittany Laren, sections change and give way to a searing guitar solo from guitarist Ricky Dunn. As the bands moves into the climactic last chorus, the listener is treated to one last bit of information to help inform the lyrical context. Pyette practically wails “Now I’m crying in the shadow of the house / that we built but now it’s bringing me down”, allowing the listener to understand that the reason the house is a negative place is due to lost love and heartbreak.

Limberlost knows their strengths and plays to them well, and they have delivered a heartbreaking scorcher on “Setting Sun”!

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