Limberlost – The Real Thing – Review

Limberlost - The Real ThingPacific Northwest-based Limberlost have released an upbeat new single. Titled “The Real Thing”, their new song finds the Washington state natives in a raucous and passionate mood.

Limberlost – The Real Thing

A lone, pitch-bent synth played by keyboardist Anthony Ciarochi calls out like a siren luring a ship to its demise. As the synth gets pitch-bent into oblivion, a pounding drum and bass beat charges in, provided by rhythm section mates Ben Beman and Mike Burt, who are joined a moment later by an atmospheric melody courtesy of guitarist Ricky Dunn.

Vocalist Krystle Pyette finally enters the mix with her sizzling delivery, augmented by back-up vocalist Brittany Lauren’s telephone-filtered support. Pyette and Lauren weave a tale of burgeoning love, but with the caveat that the female protagonist must be allowed to have her own identity. Pyette sings of previously having to “bury my dreams / and make myself out to be / everything that you could ever need”, but insists that because she’s “done that before” that she “won’t do it no more / this is how it’s gonna have to be”.

In the chorus the band kicks the energy up a few notches, with Pyette singing “Well you can take it / or you can leave it / I’ll only take your love if you really need it”, reinforcing the verse sentiment that the protagonist is secure and does not need to seek approval from others. Ultimately she declares “well I won’t hold back / if you say that you are ready / for the real thing”, an indication that despite needing to be her own person for her, she will also devote herself to loving her significant other with all of her being. During this time the band is providing a sonic wall of sound as a backdrop; distorted guitar chords mingle with pounding drums to create the perfect texture over which to allow Pyette to wail.

When they return to the verse section, Pyette details more of the protagonists’ viewpoint, building on her earlier themes and establishing the strength of her devotion, should her partner earn it. The band keeps the groove steady and growing, but still plays well with dynamics to allow for emotional changes to be reflected sonically. They then return to the chorus with fervor, before falling away to a bridge section dominated by driving kick drum and organ & guitar fills. Pyette re-enters after a moment; each line of her stanza ending in the mantra “Are you ready?” Her repeated question to her partner builds into an emotional guitar solo, with Dunn’s chops on full display as he channels Pyette’s lyrical message into his searing lines.

As the guitar solo climaxes the chorus returns, with each member of the band giving their all to drive home the emotional apex of the song. They play with the arrangement successfully, creating stop time figures in the instruments while the vocals deliver an impassioned final performance. The chorus ends and transitions back into the intro guitar riff, which is then augmented with more of Dunn’s crafty axe work. The band leaves all of their blood, sweat, and tears on their gear as they crash in together for the end of the song, leaving the listener happily spent.

Limberlost keeps on rolling with their fun yet powerful rock n’ roll, and each next release reinforces their staying power. “The Real Thing” continues this trend with bravado, signaling a talented band that is here to stay.

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