Lonesome Highway Band: Reviewed

Lonesome Highway Band

Richie Bean and his Lonesome Highway Band is the focus of this review and if you like classic rock with a country western flavor you should keep reading.  This laid back  band sounds like something that would be played straight out of my father’s garage…and I mean that in a good way. My dad raised me on classic rock that sounds very similar to the Lonesome Highway Band.  This band reminds me of a late summer day hanging out with my dad fixing cars, swimming in the lake and going into town to pick up a gallon of milk. I can hear many influences in the music but some sounds that stick out to me are a little Steely Dan mixed in with an old country western spice with a hint of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

The first tune “In The Fall” definitely has that laid back late summer vibe.  As we push into the fall of 2015 I feel like the Lonesome Highway Band found me just at the right time.   “Thelma Jean” has a nice country western almost Charlie Daniels with some excellent musicianship all the way from the steady shuffle beat to the guitar solos. Let’s just say, “Thelma” is rockin’ it. “Daddy’s Girl” slows it down, probably for daddy’s little girl.  There is a rhodes track and a guitar track on this tune that sounds just a bit out of tune to me…it could be an effect on the guitar or something.  The slight dissonance between these two tracks also add a sort of “classic” effect to the recording which to my ear makes it sounds older than it really is.  The band states in the bio that in “Daddy’s Girl a father sings over a haunting tremolo-drenched electric guitar and Wurlitzer piano about how he misses his estranged daughter and wishes things had turned out differently.”

I guess with those kind of emotions there should be some tension in the music.  So after much analysis I actually like the slightly out of tune instruments and think they add more character than anything else to the tune. Now “Queen Of Denial” I reallllly enjoy!!  Catchy and rockin’ I may be singing this tune in the shower for many weeks to come, thanks  a lot lol!  The guitars on this tune are awesome and totally jammin’ with a country rock flavor that’s so strong you might choke on it so take it in and enjoy the flavor!!  Wow, what a great tune!! Remember that whole hanging out in the garage atmosphere I mentioned earlier?  Yea, that. Probably my favorite tune on the whole record is the Grateful dead inspired garage rocker “Doughnut Man (Wake and Bake)” in which a hippy doughnut shop owner has the good luck of having an “alternative medicine” clinic open up right next door to his Portland doughnut shop, and “the rain and the money keeps on falling down!” This song was loosely based on Portland’s famous Voodoo Doughnuts.

Again, catchy, fun and rockin’ this tune would be a hit with the right college crowd. To sum up this review I say YES!  I know it doesn’t make much sense but it shows my excitement to have such a great band join the reviews section of our little website.  I hope you enjoy this band as much as I did!! Let me know what you think by commenting below or dropping a line on social media.


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