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Lost Lakes music

Lost Lakes. Remember that name because there is a good chance you will be hearing their music on the radio all over the country. Refreshing and relaxed, Corey Mathew Hart and Paul Mitch are writing some amazing Americana Pop music out of Wisconsin.

Lost Lakes music coming soon…

These talented gents are releasing a new self-titled album on March 3 and it’s going to be worth a listen. Oh and it’ll be on vinyl too! The album is completely self-produced and even engineered by Paul. In my opinion, these songs are some of the best self-produced I’ve heard in quite a while. Granted, I haven’t heard the entire album yet but the early samples are awesome! I can only imagine what the entire album is like based on the few songs I’ve heard. You can also check out a past review I wrote about the band Right Here.

When Dave Werba “deeply” asked them about their influences, they mentioned Jeff Buckley, Ryan Adams, and Radiohead. I also hear a little Sting & Bruce Hornsby in there as well. The band is playing regionally at the moment but hope to expand out when it naturally happens. They’re hoping to expand their radius later this year after the album is released, and after they get a better gauge on listener feedback. Not a bad plan!

I’m sure you can tell by now, I’m very excited about this band. If you’re even slightly into pop or rock you should give them a chance. Watch their interview to find out where to download their album BEFORE the release date! Otherwise, look for it on all the normal channels starting March 3. I know I will! Like this band? Let them know by sharing this article! Love indie music? Watch our show Indie Music LIVE every week on our Facebook page, Youtube & Periscope. As always thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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