Love Stallion – Big Rock Radio – Review

Love StallionWhat began as a musical experiment between vocalist Aaron Hart and guitarist Crayton Huntly in 2013 turned into a glam rock sensation by 2015. Based out of Denver, CO, Love Stallion is known for its lively performances, flashy costumes, and chiseled man thighs. Inspired by stadium rock legends such as Kiss, Def Leppard, and Van Halen, Love Stallion embodies a classic 80s glam rock band, adding its own fusion of new pop songwriting. Love Stallion is currently celebrating the release of its 2018 debut studio album, Unforgettable Ride.

Love Stallion – Big Rock Radio

One of the premiere singles off the new nine-track record, “Big Rock Radio,” is filled with electrifying guitar riffs and catchy melodies that will leave you feeling nostalgic about spandex and hairspray. The song begins with a fuzzy, distorted overdrive guitar hook complemented by a glittery wash of synth textures in the background, and then the drums march in with a cock rock steady beat. Hart bellows out enthusiastic whoops and shouts with a nice vibrato, free of the nasal shrieking often associated with classic rock acts.

The chorus offers a nice rhythmic contrast to the verses and bridge, with anthemic “Big Rock” backing chants that are great for engaging a large audience. Halfway through the song the band lets the instruments speak for themselves with a heavy rock guitar solo in an explosive half-time breakdown. Huntly shows off more of a progressive rock guitar style when he begins tapping melismatic chaos in the solo, but the melody recovers itself to build back into the original hook from the beginning. While the last chorus returns with even more energy and brighter, bigger backing harmonies, the lead vocals feel slightly less climactic than expected: remaining at the same dynamic level as previous choruses and not giving any sort of risen contrast to distinguish itself, but still offering that sense of resolution. A solution would be to make the last chorus a double chorus or just change the vocal melody up a bit to add more contrasting finality to it.

“Big Rock Radio” concludes with a tasteful culmination of previously chanted backing harmonies and invigorating guitar leads that shred over the last chorus. Overall this is a fun, energetic pop rock song that is sure to get audiences jumping and shouting along. Love Stallion is a sexy music machine that manufactures classic 80s glam rock anthems about love and lust with a sonic thrust.

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