Luanne Hunt & Steven Bankey – Lightning In A Bottle – Review

Luanne Hunt & Steven BankeyWe’ve reviewed Luanne Hunt on this site before. Recently she has released a duet with Steven Bankey and it sounds like she’s having fun! Luanne has quite the track record in the country music world including scoring numerous No. 1 hits on Independent Country music charts around the world. She is best known for her single, “Christmas Without You.” The song was recently named by Sweden’s largest daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, one of the top 25 Christmas songs of all-time!! That’s cool!

Luanne Hunt & Steven Bankey – Lightning In A Bottle

Now as most of you know country music is not my forte. However, I know great songs when I hear them and Luanne is just proving once again the quality musicianship she can bring to the table. Stylistically the tune is very traditional sounding as far as country music goes. In fact, I really like this tune because of the “old country” flavor it has. I’m not a big fan of this new type of “glam country” as I call it. It’s too poppy, I’m not sure if “glam country” could even be called country as it’s more pop these days.

Luanne Hunt and Steven Bankey have voices that blend together very well, it almost sounds like they’ve sung many tunes together in the past! Most of the vocals are spot on and very enjoyable. Like I said before, I appreciate the old school down home country flavor this song brings. However, I think I’m hearing auto tune on the vocals, in particular in the chorus sections to which I am not a fan. I hope I’m wrong but something is weird in some spots. Other than that small critique I really do like the song and I wish the best for Luanne and her music path. It’s hard to find good quality country artists out there!! I hope she keeps on making great music and am looking forward to hear what she comes up with next.

Let us know what YOU think about Luanne’s new single. Get in touch with her on social media and let her know you heard it here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres!!

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