Luanne Hunt – Texas Tears

Luanne Hunt

Luanne Hunt is an internationally known artist who carefully crafts songs for the Country and Folk music genres. After listening to her song, “Texas Tears” twice, I get the impression she carefully chooses her studio musicians. It also sounds like she writes with her audience in mind. The drummer uses a quick intro that transitions smoothly into the lead guitarist doing distinct country rifts, the rhythm pulling out to prepare for the first verse quite well.

Luanne Hunt

One thing that surprises me throughout the song are the backing vocals. Sometimes voice tracks are sung with lyrics and other times with “ahs”. They are not necessarily sung in unison with Luanne, yet all the voice parts sound perfectly placed. They were enjoyable to listen to, and compliment the whole song’s feel. I definitely love the way the band jams and lets the guitar then the piano parts stand out, after the 2nd chorus. A real strength of Luanne Hunt, besides her clear melodic voice, seems to be her storytelling and use of metaphors.

One of her lines says something to the effect of being “half human, half machine”. I felt she put extra thought into the lyrics because of such phrases. Also, she drives home quite well why she named the song when She says in the chorus, “Since the day you left for Dallas, I’ve been crying Texas tears.” This paints a clear picture in my head of the sadness many endure when someone they love moves away. It seems even worse in her case because the news seemed to have arrived to her before the person told her. But I am merely guessing and trying my best to read between the lines.

My only disappointment with the song is that despite the amazing musicianship expressed throughout, the introduction sounded repetitive to many other country songs I’ve heard. A resolution for this could possibly be using a similar high powered jam to what takes place in the middle of the song. Reach out to us on Social Media and let us know your thoughts!

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