Lucy And The Bees – Into The Sun – Single Review

Lucy And The Bees

Lucy And The Bees are about as indie as you can get. I’m reviewing the song “Into The Sun”, and I’m going to tell you the worst part about this band: There aren’t any more tunes to enjoy.

The recording itself is simple. Homemade is the best way to put a simple description on this simple song. The production is very good for being so raw. The vocals have a warm chorus effect on them throughout that adds to the melody instead of overpowering it with tons of reverb and such. You won’t find any auto-tune on “Into The Sun” either and that makes me happy.

Lucy And The Bees – More Coming Soon?

Towards the end of the song the guitar pedals go wild and give me the sensation of a flock of birds flying away. I can’t put my finger on what pedal is being used, but I know I’ve heard it before in my experience in working with guitar players that know how to “play beyond the notes” so to speak.

I wish there were some drums…because I love drums! This tune is missing something. My ears say it’s the drums, even if it were only congos, or dare I say…a tambourine. I suppose I will have to just imagine that there is some sort of percussion. I think with some TLC this tune could be really good. I seriously hope that Lucy And The Bees put out some more music in the near future and hopefully.

Lucy And The Bees have a raw indie sound but I’m looking forward to their growth as songwriters and hearing some more material. Please give them a like, comment, follow and share on “Into The Sun” and stream on Soundcloud below. You know the drill!

As always thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!! 

My Rating (1 – 5 stars): ⭐⭐⭐

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