Lyd – Alone In The Dark – Review

Lyd - Alone In The DarkFrom the very first haunting notes of “Alone In The Dark” by the artist Lyd, it’s clear that the listener is in for an emotional ride. Introspective, brooding, and downright powerful, the song takes a journey through self-analysis and reflection.

Lyd – Alone In The Dark

“Alone In The Dark” is the second single from alternative rock musician Lyd, following the release of his debut single “Bliss” late last year. Also known as Dillon Scott Olney, the North Hollywood-based singer/guitarist has expanded his palate lyrically and musically. The transition is most evident simply in the song titles; moving from blissful to isolated and alone.

The song continues his exploration of blending acoustic guitar-driven songs and beat-based rhythm. The subtle hip-hop influence lends the music more swagger than the average alternative rock song; stylistically it is almost reminiscent of late-90’s West Coast alternative rock such as Sublime or Slightly Stoopid, without the reggae aspect. The guitar holds down the pocket of the music and allows the song to grow on top of it, almost acting as a drone, and continues to be the backbone of the music long after the rhythm section enters.

As you can hear the rhythm is allowed to explore some less conventional accompaniment, especially in the drums, where the syncopation gives the music a considerable amount of play and bounce. The drum timbres also suggest something vaguely tribal, a great complement to the drone-like nature of the guitar. Lyrics are the centerpiece of “Alone In The Dark”. Lyd ponders the push/pull of solitude vs. socializing: how to reconcile needing to be alone without alienating people and ruining relationships. Some fine-tuning of the vocals would allow the listener to connect slightly more to the lyrics; sometimes the enunciation prevents a full understanding of what is being communicated. With that said, the majority of the lyrics are easy to understand.

The full instrumentation is a great complement to the core of the song; ambient, swelling guitars gradually become searing leads, backed by heavy rhythm guitars and melodic bass. “Alone In The Dark” is great addition to Lyd’s catalogue, and an indicator that there is plenty more to come from this budding artist. We want to know what YOU think about Lyd! Get in touch with us on social media and let us know. Let Lyd know you heard his music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres!

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