Mandabrat – A Mother’s Pain

MandabratMandaBrat returns with his Deep House song “A Mother’s Pain”. It really has a unique sound at the onset that resembles a Xylophone. I was refreshed to hear him thinking outside the box on what instrument to choose. Later, he changes it to a more digital type sound and seems to insert a reentry of the Xylophone very sparingly. My thoughts are that the raw Xylophone could be utilized much more. In addition, the same melody line is used throughout the entire 6 minutes and 9 seconds.

After listening through the song the first time I felt that Manda was not letting himself showcase his musicality as much as he could or should, especially with such a grand opportunity of space he allotted himself in the length of recording.

Although the melody line definitely has a tone of sadness to it, I didn’t feel like it was describing the pain of a mother until later. What strikes me is that the heavy tribal beats seem out of place to the song’s subject matter. Perhaps he could have started percussion with a lot of gaps between, then later introduce the faster beats that define Deep House? This would provide more meaning to the song as a whole. I was delighted at the 2:10 point to hear a transition with the rhythmic instrument choice that made listening to the repetitive melody much more inviting. The placement of the bass lines at this point are pretty good too.

I thought the faster percussion returned a half measure or full measure too early and could have integrated a clever sound effect to reignite enthusiasm. As everything seemed to keep repeating on autopilot until 2:59, my desire to listen felt a bit exhausted. Definitely was hoping for some kind of change but nothing happened. This continued on for another 45 seconds and I was crossing my fingers hoping that the song would eventually take me somewhere to allow me to feel the pain of a mother. Knowing that there is a complexity of emotions that come with motherhood, I longed to hear this reflected more in the music up to this point.

Mandabrat – A Mother’s Pain

Finally though, Manda came through for me in the end! He injects a slightly non-harmonic sound that becomes a companion to the melody. I wouldn’t have minded hearing a third track that adds another harmony (also sounding dissonant) to really describe the immense multi-dimensional roller coaster ride that many mothers experience deep within.

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