MandaBrat – Always There – Review


Listening to some MandaBrat House music on Soundcloud reminded me how much I love listening to House Beats. Out of curiosity I listened to 3 songs – “37 and Beyond”, “Can’t Get Enough”, and “Always There”. An important skill of songwriting to me, is matching the feel of a song to the actual song title. MandaBrat does not disappoint. Every song uses different types of House Beats and digital sounds/effects. “Always There” accurately reflects the sense of someone or something being ever present.

A female voice is chosen and the mixing/mastering quality is phenomenal. The song begins with a beat that seems to reflect native African culture. I get the sense that at some points the exquisite (multiple armed) Opera Singer from The Fifth Element movie is going to join in to compliment the wonderful singing. The actress/singer never makes a guest appearance, yet the 2nd vocal track blends harmoniously in the higher mix quite well. It would have been fantastic to hear the singing and/or a different use of beats at the end of the first 30 seconds. Waiting a full minute to hear the amazing intro beat effects and singing was a little too long in my opinion. Yet I’d probably have a different view if I was lying in bed in a relaxed state trying to rest or clear my thoughts.

MandaBrat – Always There

As I listen to the beginning again I’m really appreciating the subtle quick touch sound that sneaks in every other measure. Sometimes in life we are doubtful about whether or not we’ll get through something. We are hoping for comfort. Having this synth sound in the background showing up every other measure provides a glimpse into life. We are sometimes doubtful of who we can trust, if people are listening to us, or if what we stand for is making an impact. Toward the middle of the song, the background sound is kept subtle but brings an additional track with a melody that provides more reassurance. Then we hear a much fuller digital sound that uniquely mimics a jazz guitar with a slight whammy effect.

At this later point the singer begins to express words that I had trouble discerning. It doesn’t matter to me much though, since House music is not known for emphasizing lyrics. After listening a few times my best guess is that the words are, “I can feel him saying and remember – doesn’t feel so far”. The way that MandaBrat chose to end the song is quite excellent! Very creative transitions to the end fade.


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