MandaBrat – My Way

Mandabrat - My WayFrom the start I knew “My Way” by MandaBrat was my kind of tune. I immediately wanted to dim the lights and set the mood. MandaBrat finds a way of captivating your mind and soul with his smooth style. This jam can be placed under many sub-genres of Electronic music. Deep House, Lounge, and Chillout are just a few to name.

A producer myself of Electronic music, I was drawn in from the beginning. A euphoric atmosphere is created with “My Way”, and this instrumental takes you on a smooth 6:13 voyage. It’s very well tied into the rhythmic drum line and silky smooth percussion. I find myself moving my feet, but don’t get it twisted! Just because “My Way” is laid back it still delivers on the Dance music scene.

MandaBrat – My Way

Sometimes tracks of this length can be easy to lose interest, but not with “My Way”. The title fits the song in every way because he produced this awesome jam, well, his own unique way. The subtle changes with instruments and transitions with the melody are spot on. This instrumental never loses you. I believe some songs can be over done, but not with this one…he is like a master chef on production.

The song stays with the basis of the “dish” but sprinkles in key ingredients to add subtle flare. Like smoothed out horns, warm synths, mellow hi-hats and light vocals. A great recipe! As a fan of Deep House and Lounge music I can honestly say Thumbs Up for “My Way” by Mandabrat. If you are not familiar with this genre of music don’t hesitate to dig a little deeper.

A quality jam that will give first timers a great understanding and impression for the genre. This is a versatile song that I can use to set the mood for many different occasions. I can hear it playing in a lounge or nightclub on a hot DJ mix. Once again, a great House tune produced with style and grace!


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