Mandabrat – The Road Trip – Review

Mandabrat - The Road TripMandabrat, born Shame Manda in Mutare, Zimbabwe, is a producer/DJ now based in South Africa. He is churning out the tunes and we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a few of them. I’m happy to see the consistent progression and “The Road Trip” is going down in the books as one of his best yet.

Mandabrat – The Road Trip

The tone and warmth of Mandabrat’s releases lately have been maturing as I think his ears and production skills are doing as well. There’s not much to speak of in terms of melody, however, if you listen closely you will pick up on many different sounds that make up an underlying melodic soundscape. I can hear everything crisp and clear in the mix on this one.

The kick drum, which can sometimes be a nuisance in this genre, sits directly where it should right along side the bass while the rest of the musical horizon is wide and colorful. Another interesting aspect of the song is that it tends to digress, meaning it’s not building up the whole song but rather winding down. It’s an interesting effect and I  recommend listening from start to finish to experience it fully.

Mandabrat’s music is perfect “brain music” meaning I think it’s great for meditating, focusing, even studying. I like to play his music while I’m working on something tedious where I need to get some focus in order to execute. Songs in this genre tend to be long and drawn out while repetitiously using the same hooks and rhythms throughout. The size of the market for this type of music continues to grow!

Mandabrat seems to be cashing in on this genre. I’m hoping he can get some great sync licensing deals and more in the near future. God knows he’s been working hard releasing new music every few months, and I believe he’s starting to make a global name for himself. This isn’t necessarily a genre I listen to every day, but I have huge respect for what he’s doing and hope he continues.

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