Marlena – My Heart To Yours

Marlena - My Heart To Yours

Jazz music is timeless. Most jazz artists these days are just playing other’s songs, or “covers” of other’s songs. That’s what jazz “is.” Let me preface this review by saying that Indie Music Plus normally doesn’t review “non original” music but in this case I’m willing to make an exception! It’s time for you to meet Marlena.

Marlena’s new project “My Heart to Yours” is a collection of standards that will take you from cocktails to dinner. Marlena’s heartfelt interpretation of Jazz, Blues, and Standards is uniquely her own. Her haunting romantic vocal styling will linger long after the music (and dinner) ends.

Starting out the album is an upbeat and well produced rendition of “I Just Want To Make Love To You.” The horns and string arrangements carry the song and add tons of color and flavor to this old standard. Marlena’s well seasoned voice fits perfectly over this happy go lucky tune.  I personally love this song and thought Marlena did a great job with her interpretation. Oh, and I want to see her band! “Stormy” is dedicated to Marlena’s father and can be heard below.


The Sade tune “Smooth Operator” is represented well on this project. Honestly I was a little apprehensive to listen to this one since Sade is one of my favorite artists…it was well done I am happy to say. Check it out and find out for yourself.

“I’ve got to see you again” is a peculiar version of the Norah Jones tune written by Jesse Harris. The music and instrumentation is neat and unique but (honest moment here) the vocals aren’t working for me. In particular the doubles that are hard panned left and right don’t match some of the time and make some of the delivery sound really off. Constructive criticism over , let’s move on!

“I put a spell on you” has some fantastic groovy guitars and the song really gets rockin’ later on with a well placed and well played guitar solo. It sounds like this band is made up of top notch professionals who really know how to play as all of the arrangements on this record are top notch. This tune has great dynamics and takes the listener from jazz, to a little blues…to jazz rock…it’s fun!

Overall this album is a great listen! You can listen to it anytime you like but it would be paired nicely with a meaty fish and a summer white wine on the patio! Marlena has a great band a great voice! I would definitely pony up the dough to see them at a jazz or dinner club.

If you like pop made into jazz this album is for you! What do you think? Comment below and join the conversation on social media! Indie jazz music rules!!


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