Matt Westin – Our Redneck Of The Woods – Review

Matt WestinMatt Westin is a country musician from Pittsburgh, PA, who has recently released a new album. This review will focus on his single “Our Redneck of the Woods.” I’m not necessarily a country music connoisseur, but we get a fair amount of this genre passing thru our doors and I’ll do my best to give it justice.

Matt Westin – Our Redneck Of The Woods

First impressions? Solid. “Our Redneck of the Woods” is definitely ready for radio and the fans. Matt’s voice is a classic country blend of Travis Tritt, Garth Brooks and Johnny Cash and his music, at least this single, is definitely on the rockin’ side. I’d say on the twang scale it’s about a 6.5. You can hear the country influence for sure but rockers are going to enjoy this song as well.

In Matt’s bio on his website, I learned that he doesn’t do country music for himself but for his father who passed away. After his father’s battle with leukemia, Matt decided to dedicate a year to record an album that his father had been encouraging him to do. And Legacy was born. It’s a powerful story that surely tugs at the heartstrings. It also says that Matt did a country album for his dad, I’m wondering if he may branch out into other genres in the future with his music? Only time will tell.

As far as the message, well in today’s polarizing political climate I’m sure there will be opinions from both sides of the aisle but ultimately the song is just about being from the country and having core beliefs in general. But I’m not here to get political. The song is basically a pro American anthem talking about and from the view of a small-towner that doesn’t like being sold out or pushed around in the name of politics.

If you like the country side of rock then I highly suggest you check out Matt Westin. His music takes me back to growing up listening to country artists that I mentioned earlier as well as Alabama and more. You can hear the deep country roots gleaming past the rock/blues guitar riffs.

I encourage you to check out Matt Westin’s music for yourself and get in touch with him on social media. Let him know you heard it here first on Indie Music Plus. As always, thank you for reading and keep supporting indie music of all genres!

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