Me And My Shadow – Mutation – Review

Me And My Shadow Review

Me And My Shadow have released a new EP titled Mutation. I’m here to tell you about it. This duo has been on our website before and I’m excited they have come back! If you have heard any of their stuff before, then you know what you’re getting into. Highly produced electro-industrial rock from Kansas City, MO.

We had the pleasure of reviewing this Midwestern duo last year in May. Check out our first take of Me And My Shadow right here. I like the band’s music very much. In fact, they remind me of living in St. Louis, MO, as a young chap. I know, that sounds weird but they have a familiar sound of that region. I lived there for 10 years, I should know dammit! In fact, I played in a casino band in KC once a month for about 4 years. But, enough about me…what I’m trying to say is that the band has that Midwestern gritty rock sound with an industrial synth flavor.

Me And My Shadow Review – Mutation

The level of quality production that these guys are able to pump out is astounding at times. All the instruments are easily heard and sound crisp and clear. The vocals sound better than ever but have a few moments that are slightly off key. Randy Carrier (Guitar, Vocals, Programming) has a unique voice, and since their last project it has improved immensely. In fact, some of the doubles in the new single “Collapse” that we played on our Indie Music LIVE! 59 show are damn near perfection. In “Collapse”, Randy’s voice and guitar tone mix and mingle like a horny married couple on the dance floor.

In almost every song on Mutation I keep expecting them to just let loose and rock out but it never really happens. How artistic of them! Yes, there are some releases such as in the tune “Find You”, but you have to wait for it and in my opinion never really gets to full throttle. Did I enjoy the song though? Hell yes. Andy Ussery (Bass, Synth, Programming) shines through with the Synth programming/playing on this one as well. I believe this duo has been together for quite a few years now. They have two other releases available – Binary Suns (2016) and Mechanism (2013).

In the 3rd and last song on the EP, I think the guys let their true colors shine thru. Also, they come very close to satisfying that hard rock addict in me. Randy’s voice is probably the best I’ve heard yet from him here. When the song gets to its peak, he really belts it out and hits every note. He admits he struggles sometimes with his vocals, and I appreciate his honesty and willingness to accept our constructive criticism. These are the type of artists that eventually reach great heights.

Even though I fear sounding over critical of Randy’s voice, I actually really love it. He has the ’90s rock style that I enjoy. I believe with some more work on control and even maybe some scale training could help. But let me stress, this is not a factor that makes me shy away from listening to the group. Their music is truly enjoyable and easy to listen to. I was honestly excited when I saw they had a new release out and then to see I was able to review it!

I believe this band is ripe for the pickin’. Support this band like they deserve! YOU can start right now by sharing this article and then downloading the new EP Mutation available everywhere online, just look up Me And My Shadow. Thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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