Me And My Shadow – Review

Me and My ShadowMe and My Shadow is Randy Carrier and Andy Ussery. They are an industrial act based in Kansas City, MO, and they have a new record out called Binary Suns. If you’re into ’90s influenced hard rock with an industrial twist then I recommend you check out their music. Let’s dive in!

On the first track “The First Power”, I was excited to hear the quality of production and the heavy genre. The song is a poppy hard rock radio ready nugget. The production is tight and the guitar tones are impressive. I’m not a guitar player but I know great tone when I hear it! The guys do a great job of riding the dynamics as well. They know when to hold back and when to let it go as you’ll hear throughout the album.

Me and My Shadow really do have some stellar production. I am enjoying the electronic influences that enhance the songs and don’t take away from them. By this I mean that I can always hear “the band” element underneath as the songs are mostly driven by drums, bass, and guitars. They sort of remind me of a band from the ’90s & ’00s called Gravity Kills who were based in St. Louis when I was a resident.

Constructive Critique: Not all, but some of the vocals aren’t working for me. Randy Carrier’s vocals are great don’t get me wrong! I think one of the things that might turn SOME people off is the super heavy vibrato. I think it fits the style and don’t have much of a problem most of the time, however, it seems that Randy is either straining on the vibrato or just not sure where he’s going on a few lines. I would recommend working on some note places in a few spots. He does have a great voice and I enjoy it, but I found myself clenching a bit in just a few random spots. Ok, constructive critique over!

Me And My Shadow

“The Siege” rocks out the entire tune and the drums are mixed a bit hot but sound great. The energy created in this tune is definitely raw and heavy and the programming is amazing. Like I said before, the production is quite impressive. Randy and Andy definitely know how to paint a unique musical canvas to craft their music around.

“As Above, So Below” slows things down a bit but grows into a heavy groove that can be appreciated and shows off some different vocal styles. I really like Randy’s voice when he’s belting it and keeping his tone straighter. It’s great when he can go back and forth and control it. Some singers can only do one thing – belt it, yell it, have vibrato with no control, etc…Randy is exactly the opposite. In fact he’s shortly becoming one of my favorite indie vocalists so far this year! Now, “Someone Who Cares” is probably my favorite tune on the project.  What I like about this song in particular is the fluctuations between thrash and heavy groove. I think it’s probably the most creative song on the album.

Me and My Shadow are definitely worth checking out. Having just released Binary Suns, they are looking to gain some big support. We are excited to have featured them on our podcast already in episode 20, and look forward to hearing more from them in the near future! As always, thank you for stopping by and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!


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