Meghan Pulles – Featured Artist

Meghan PullesMeghan Pulles is our featured artist this week. She is a singer/songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. She never intended on pursuing a career in music, but after she discovered the healing properties that music can have she decided to start writing about it. She believes that music can be a “band aid” on our troubles and can help heal our pain. Check out the video below to see the full interview!

Meghan Pulles – Featured Artist

Meghan says in her interview that she writes positive music trying to help in the healing of other people. Her new song “Shelter” was written as she was fantasizing about finding her perfect partner. Fans of Nora Jones and other country-folk-esque music will instantly have an affair with Meghan Pulles, well musically. I am loving her innocent sounding voice and simple style. Sort of a folky Nashville sound.

Meghan says that her producer Robert Smith is the icing on the cake for her sound, well I believe she said, “a god.” Being that she is a classically trained vocalist and opera singer, she doesn’t need much help on the vocal side of things. But I have a feeling that Robert’s touch accounts for much of her overall sound. I say kudos! It’s working! Meghan’s career started out trying to be an Opera singer, but she realized that doing what she is doing now was a better fit.

Meghan says she feels like a messenger who is getting and interpreting different messages that she receives in her life. One example is a song she wrote after a friend of hers passed, and she said the song is almost like a gift to help others. In her bio she says “Learning to love the trials of life.” I think that pretty much sums it up. Some music is fun, some is serious, and Meghan’s is healing.

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